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Tapped Wrapped /
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Tapped Wrapped / Electric Coils

  • Taped Wrapped Coils

We produce a wide variety of taped wrapped coils for applications that do not required protection from moisture and solvents. These applications are typically located in pneumatic valves, printed circuit boards, gaming industry, and many environmentally friendly applications.

  • Prototype coils
  • Custom coils
  • Low to High volume runs
  • RoHs compliant
  • UL listed insulation
    • Class B (130°C)
    • Class F (155°C)
    • Class H (180°C)
  • Single spindle equipment
  • Multi-Head equipment
  • Wire sizes 16 awg. - 46 awg. (1/2 sizes available)

Engineering Services
Engineering services specializing in the manufacture of solenoid coils, heavy duty actuators, coil windings, printed circuit boards small transformers, chokes & relays for the OEM market.

 Tapped Wrapped / Electric Coils

Tapped Wrapped / Electric Coils

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