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Industrial Coils LLCIndustrial Coils was founded in 1997 as a major supplier of the OEM market, however our background boasts 40 years of experience with other major coil producing companies. We have produced various coils for such industries as irrigation, amusement, farm equipment, office equipment, controllers, power supply, and other OEM's using various electromagnetic devices. Industrial Coils is a manufacturer of solenoid coils for solenoid-actuated valves, small transformers, chokes, and relays for the OEM market. We use U/L and CSA approved materials for our customer's products. At Industrial Coils, we believe price, quality, and delivery are necessary factors for a good customer relationship that is why we consider our customer service to be second to none.

The company was founded as a leading supplier to the pin ball and gaming industries in the late 1940's, in Chicago. Due to a very competitive market, a second location was eventually opened in Texas in the late 1950's.

Industrial Coils continues today with multiple locations in southern Texas providing quality components with competitive pricing and on time delivery, which is essential to obtaining a diversified and loyal customer base.

With a loyal and experienced staff, Industrial Coils (a third generation family owned business) continues its quality and dedication to serving our customers by implementing in-house procedures to ensure our products are of the highest quality and satisfaction for each customer's individual needs.

Recongnized under the Component Recognition Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

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